Neurosage Clinical Target Areas

Balance & Coordination

By utilizing specific visual and auditory stimulations with our Neurosage platform, we have seen improvements in assisting in balance & coordination


Discomfort is something that keeps us out the game of life. We have discovered a Patent Pending way via interactive video games to help alleviate discomfort.

Muscle Weakness

Optimum muscle functions is what keeps us alive and in motion. Due to repetitive stress and physical trauma we can damage or reduce muscle strength. Specific visual and auditory stimulation along with prescribed physical exercises can accelerate one’s muscle strength and function.


Attention and Cognition issues are on the rise with patients. We have developed interactive video games with specific eye movements that has been effective in improving cognitive function.

Reaction Times & Sports Performance

With a series of Neurosage therapy, we can enhance the reaction time and athletic performance of an athlete from grass roots to Olympic athletes.

Rehab (Physical and Occupational)

We have developed a technology platform that is designed to help optimize physical and occupational therapy in reduction of pain and accelerating progress in muscle strength, balance and coordination, and range of motion.