Neurosage Therapy Platform

Neurosage Platform

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Neurosage Platform is hosted locally and composed of a base device and our Neurosage software. All data and software services are hosted in the cloud. The software services and data are consumed within a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. See below for a listing of Therapy Service options.

Neurosage supports the Oculus Rift S and the HTC Vive Pro VR headsets.

Standard Package

  • Therapy Console
  • Wireless Surround Sound Headset
  • Therapy Service
  • Therapy Management Environment    
  • Therapy Session Records    
  • Client Management Interfaces    
  • AI and Neural Interfaces    
  • Azure Cloud Integration    
  • Data / Data Analytics / Microsoft Health Vault
  • AI Driven Security and Max Encryption
  • 52” LED Flat Panel Display & Mobile Display Stand
  • Xbox Wireless Controller
  • Wireless Mouse & Mobile Stand

Standard Plus Package

  • Standard Package
  • 24 inch Vibe Plate


  • 24 X 24
  • 24 X 40
  • 24 X 72
  • 30 X 48
  • 30 X 72
  • Vibe Stretch

Therapy Service Options

Choose between 1 of the 6 available service options.
30 Sessions 60 Sessions 90 Sessions 120 Sessions 150 Sessions 300 Sessions

Virtual Reality

Neurosage now comes with a VR activity that your users will not only enjoy but find challenging and rewarding . The only requirement you will need to access this content will be the purchase of a VR Headset. However, a VR Headset is not required to use and receive all of the other features and benefits of Neurosage.

Analytics & Automated Therapy

Neurosage Analytics leverages data provided in the new Neurosage 4.0 intake process and creates a baseline understanding of Left Brain vs. Right Brain neurological characteristics and imbalances. The first time a participant is presented to the system, Neurosage will request that a full analytics session be run. While there is a bypass mechanism within Neurosage to enable a practitioner to go straight to manual mode, it is recommended that Analytics be allowed to complete in order to provide the rich diagnostic and data acquisition capabilities of Neurosage. A Neurosage Sensor array provide very precise movement data that is fed into the Neurosage AI and an outcome for each of the ten standardized tests is provided. After all tests are completed the Neurosage AI will evaluate the outcome of each test and make a holistic assessment of the participants current state. If other Analytics sessions have been completed, the Neurosage AI will evaluate current state against prior state and arrive at a conclusion of general progress. The Neurosage AI will then periodically request for additional Analytics sessions to be completed enabling the system to track the overall progress of a participant through the complete life-cycle of a Neurosage Therapy Protocol.

Neurosage Automated Therapy leverages the Neurosage AI and all assessments made during the Neurosage Analytics process to determine the optimal therapy protocol for each Neurosage Session. The Automated Mode can be accessed through one click on the Neurosage 4.0 main application screen. Onscreen prompts will then provide an optimal Neurosage Therapy session based upon an individual’s current neurological and physiological state. While in Automated Mode the Neurosage AI will track an individual’s progress and alter the therapy as required for optimal improvement.

For clinical providers who are new to functional medicine and/or non-invasive digital therapy, or those who would like more automated guidance through the Neurosage process, Automated Therapy is a great place to start.

Oculus Rift S

  • Included Content
  • VR Content

HTC Vive Pro

  • Included Content
  • VR Content
  • Neurosage Automation
  • Neurosage Analytics